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Emma Poppy an Artist whom I picked for the Art Stops project in Durham, – 88 artworks displayed on Bus Panels, kindly asked me to contribute three images for her project in Rouen, France.
I was mentioned in Le Parisien as an inspiration for her project. Feel really humbled by this.

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In Rouen, art takes the bus Imported from England, the Art & Bus concept consists of displaying 60 works by Norman and international artists on the advertising boards of the Réseau Astuce.  
By Frédéric Durand May 10, 2021 

Until June 1, Réseau Astuce travelers in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) will take advantage of the wait before boarding the bus to admire works of art during the first edition of Art & Bus. Rouen painter-graphic designer Emma Poppy brought the concept back from England. In April 2020 in Durham, a county of 570,000 inhabitants, during lockdown, British cartoonist Peter Mc Adam was looking for an exhibition hall. The Art Stop Project was born out of an agreement with the public transport network and 15 artists. 

A real success picked up by all the media. Associated with communicator Sylvain Guéraiche, founder of the Les rockeurs ont du cœur action, the artist negotiated with the world leader in poster advertising, JC Decaux, and the Rouen Normandie metropolis for four weeks of visibility. 

Each week, 176 x 120 centimeter works will rotate on 60 different lollipops (billboards, editor's note) in the city: "This is a didactic and educational exhibition to counter this current gloomy and anxiety-provoking climate," says Emma Poppy. Since everyone is able to appreciate art, this takes away the VIP side of some exhibits. "For the artists, the enthusiasm was the same," because no one refused the opportunity to hang in the open, "underlines the painter-graphic designer from Rouen. 

Step out of the VIP side of art 

Thus, in addition to local artists such as visual artist Delphine Devos, or painters Aurore Levasseur and Christophe Ronel, the organizers have invited many foreign artists including, among others, the Dutch Helen Roten, the Canadian Steeve Narcisse, the Kosovar Sud Rama or again the Turkish Oznur Isir. 

For the European photographer Hashe, this is a first in this form: "For Emma's proposal, it was a crush. In this period, it seemed so obvious to me to bring out the exhibitions, the artists and the works. In addition, we use street furniture which brings a contemporary touch. Right now people need to see things other than advertisements and an exhibit is coming to them. I think it's meant to expand and develop to take a deep breath. " Extension indoors To encourage the public to take the “path of creation”, Art & Bus offers a treasure hunt on its site. "Reproductions will be up for grabs every Tuesday evening," invites Sylvain Guéraiche. And then, with the exhibition barely inaugurated, Emma Poppy is delighted to announce an extension until June 20 at the André Malraux Cultural Center, in the Hauts district of Rouen.  

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